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Have you heard about glamping, the newest travel trend sweeping the world, especially for those between the ages of 25 – 40? This combination of “glamor” + “camping” provides an opportunity for stunning, remote destinations to meet upscale modern comfort and/or luxury accommodation. It’s a truly unique way to experience camping without sacrificing the convenience of more traditional hotel stays.  

While this trend has a strong foot-hold already in North America, Europe, and Australia, it’s slowly making its way to Vietnam, first in Buon Me Thuot at Lak Tented Camp and Dalat’s Camp Art Mojen. Now, we are so excited to announce the trend is hitting Sapa now too, specifically with Explore Sapa, a new project of Topas Travel Vietnam focused on developing trekking tour products designed to introduce the unspoiled beauty of Sapa’s distant lands to the public! 

But is a glamping tour right for you?  And why should you try it at least once in your life? Read on to find out! 

Reason to Glamp #1 - The Location

The major reason to try a glamping vacation is for the destination itself. Glamping sites are usually quite remote and bring people closer to nature than staying in a hotel or resort. 

If you look at the most popular, ultra luxurious glamping sites like Ecocamp Patagonia (Chile), Singita Sabora Tented Camp (Tanzania), The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert (UAE), Amangiri (USA), Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle (Thailand), Chamba Camp, Thiksey (India), and Shinta Mani Wild (Cambodia), you’ll see they all have something in common – an INCREDIBLE location. 

Often, the site can only be reached by trekking or traveling a fair distance from any city or transport hub. Our stunning location for glamping is within Can Thang mountain range, an astonishing 20km stretch of land with an average altitude of 2300m above sea level.  Neighboring majestic Mt. Fanispan and overlooking Muong Hoa and Ta Phoi valleys, the area of endless peaks is a popular place for intrepid travelers to chase the clouds. 

Glamping Accommodation Examples Around the World

glamping lifestyle 2

Reason to Glamp #2 - Expertise and Comfort

If your travel essential requirements for a vacation include a real mattress, electricity, running water, and an actual toilet, glamping is perfect for you! The operating team will make certain everything is set up so all you need to do is show up with a small bag and you’re good to go. 

Glamping allows you to still live in nature authentically without much camping experience or stress. Furthermore, you don’t need to buy any expensive equipment or have survival knowledge in order to participate. This way of camping usually has bigger, roomier tents as well with a real mattress so you don’t need to worry about having a bad night’s sleep in a sleeping bag on the ground. 


Sample Glamping Accommodation Styles


Reason #3 - It's Good for the Environment!

Glamping is a low-impact green activity as it usually utilizes compost toilets and energy powered by the sun or wind. Usually, the living arrangements are non-permanent structures which cause no damage to the environment as there is no need for major construction or development destruction to occur.  

Even though it is not as bare-bones as traditional camping, you will still be close to nature and potential wildlife, gaining knowledge on how to be more eco-conscious while disconnecting from technology from time to time.  


Reason #4 - Affordable Glamping is Possible!

While glamping is usually associated with celebrities and expensive properties costing more than $1,000 dollars per night, there are plenty of affordable glamping possibilities around the world, starting from $50/night. 

Taking a whole family on holiay can be very expensive with flights, accommodation, and experiences all adding up rather quickly. Glamping offers families and groups of friend the opportunity to travel domestically with reduced fees and often cheaper activities once you have arrived.   

Vietnam glamping sites follow this affordable trend, offering gorgeous escapes from 1.500.000 VND/night for two people! Similarly, Explore Sapa’s newly launched 2-day glamping tours are currently priced at 2.500.000 VND/person due to the extreme remoteness of the tent site in the Can Thang Mountains.  

Glamping Sapa 1

Reason #5 - Healthy Benefits and Interpersonal Connection

Perhaps the most important aspect of glamping is that you get to exercise in a fun way, breathing in the fresh air and feeling well-rested after spending the night in quiet nature.

Since the sites are remote, there is high probability you will have to hike there, spending time with your loved ones sharing the adventure of a lifetime. 


Try Glamping with Topas Travel Vietnam and Explore Sapa!

Topas Travel Vietnam is the best agency to use when undertaking a trip like this in Sapa due to their volumes of knowledge on the region. Operating experiences here since the early 1990s, they know every nook and cranny of the area and are always looking at how to deliver fresh new activities to guests. 

The first glamping tour launched in late March 2021, and was so much fun. There is another set for July 31st – August 1st, 2021, so if you are interested in trying something new or adding this experience to your Topas Riverside Lodge/Topas Ecolodge vacation, contact us today to get started! 


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