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Nam Cang Rice Valley and Sapa

The rice fields of Nam Cang are breathtakingly beautiful and they lie within a short walk of

Topas Riverside Lodge. Words and photos by Kien of Topas Travel

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August - Sapa Rice Season

The beginning of August is the time for the rice to change color from green to gold; this is the time for the harvest season to start.

These expansive rice fields are dotted with picturesque huts which add another layer of beauty to the scene.

The huts are used by Red Dao people to take a break while working on the field in the various seasons when they may be planting, tending to the crop, or harvesting

The beauty of hidden valleys

The valleys of this area are characterised by shimmering rivers and streams. One such river runs past Topas Riverside Lodge from the high mountain before eventually meeting the mighty Muong Bo river – a waterway you will see if you take the Topas Mountain Express up to the lodge.

As well as being used for the irrigation of the rice fields, the river water is used for salmon and trout farms, many of which are owned by Red Dao in this area. You can sample these fresh, local fish in our famous Salmon Hot Pot at Topas Riverside Lodge

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Topas Ecolodge and around

Those who stay at Topas Ecolodge will also see rice fields like these. The two photos below are taken not far from Ecolodge and Sapa. Both can be accessed on day treks organised from Topas Ecolodge.


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