Topas Ecologe
- our sister lodge on a silent hilltop

Topas Ecolodge is a small lodge situated on a beautiful hilltop deep in the mountains of Hoang Lien National Park only 45 min outside Sapa town in North Vietnam. We have 33 mountain bungalows all built as rustic chalet-style single bedroom houses from local white granite. Each of our bungalows presents a casual style with a private balcony, from there you can enjoy the magnificent view of the towering peaks and endless valleys dotted with ethnic minorities’ villages. 

A perfect place for touring in the surrounding area hiking or biking or just relaxing from the noisy and busy city life.


Topas Ecolodge - certified ‘Unique Lodge’ by National Geographic

Sapa is a major tourist destination in North Vietnam and a natural starting point for discovering the unique mountainous area, including the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, and Mt Fansipan – Indochina’s highest peak at 3,143m. 

The region is also home to five different hill-tribes, each with its own distinct language, dress and cultural values. Some of the villages, especially those located deep in the remote parts of the mountains, are still largely untouched by modern life. The main attraction for tourists visiting Sapa is to visit the ethnic minority villages. 

While there are many opportunities to experience the hidden trails, breathtaking scenery, fascinating local culture and way of life of the mountainous people. There are few options for accommodation outside of the hotels in Sapa town other than sleeping in local houses or in tents outside one of the villages. Here began our idea of building Topas Ecolodge. 

The Ecolodge is the only one of its kind in Vietnam and has a perfect location – situated atop two cone formed hills, set deep in the spectacular Sapa valley of northern Vietnam. Topas Ecolodge is based on sustainable principles to ensure minimum impact on the surrounding environment. We employ people from nearby villages and use local products and goods in order to bring economic benefits to the community. We also use a wastewater facility to avoid polluting the area.

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