Hiking in the area

The Nam Cang area abounds with opportunities for fantastic hiking, venturing into the most remote part of Sapa valley. From observing the authentic way of life of ethnic minority groups living in the mountains to traversing trails affording stunning views of mountains, forest-clad hills, streams and waterfalls, rice terraces and deep valleys, adventure awaits you off the beaten track.

By trekking into the deepest part of Sapa Valley you can reach remote and little-visited minority villages such as two small Blue H’mong communities, a group mostly living on the other side of Hoang Lien mountain range. Small dirt trails bring you to the edge of rice-terraced valleys dotted with bamboo huts, used by local farmers as overnight lodgings during the harvest period.

Treks can be arranged ranging from easy to moderate, incorporating up to five-six hours of hiking, with stops at villages and for lunch.