Village Dining

We specialize in locally inspired cuisine inspired from the region, whether its the fresh vegetables in our organic garden, juicy fruits from local orchards, and river fish, free-range poultry and Sapa black pork bought from local farmers and fishermen. In addition to these ingredients, we love to add a fascinating array of herbs and spices to each dish which is carefully and lovingly prepared by our team. 

At any meal, you can expect to  find plenty of plant-based dishes with a little bit of juicy protein to keep things interesting. Northern Vietnamese classics, like fried and fresh spring rolls, tofu tomato, and sauteed garlic bok choy, regularly grace the tables here. 

A down to earth wine list is available with something for everyone while teas, black coffees, cocktails and other beverages capitalize on local ingredients and attempt to provide unique, fresh and healthy beverage alternatives.

Most special requests and dietary restrictions can be catered to if given adequate notice, and our inspired chefs work with group leaders and coordinators to customize and develop dining experiences that are tailor-made and exceed expectations.


Signature Dining Additions

Available to book with a minimum of 2 people

  • Traditional hot-pot with local vegetables, ramen noodles, tofu, rainbow trout, chicken and/or beef                                       500.000. VND/ person
  • Whole-roasted free-range chicken with veggies and fresh fruit 400.000. VND/person 
  • 5-spice and lemongrass roasted duck leg with steamed rice 400.000. VND/person
  • Jungle BBQ hike  – a half-day of hiking and barbequing

Rates and Special Offers

Looking for something else? We have many other packages for you to consider, whether you like to hike, bike, learn about ethnic minority cultures, take photos, or relax at Topas Ecolodge.