Topas Travel

Established in 1973, Topas Travel is a Danish company that seeks to offer authentic tourism experiences off the beaten track. With adventure, sustainability and cultural sensitivity at its core, Topas Travel is for those wishing to leave the crowds of mass tourism behind and discover the real culture and people of the places they visit.

Topas Travel expanded into Vietnam in the early 1990s, beginning with treks in the mountains organised with a local family in the Sapa region. 

Today, Topas Travel in Vietnam provides tours and treks throughout the country geared towards authenticity and lodgings that favour a unique and somewhat rustic experience over luxury, aiming to bring visitors closer to the real Vietnam and its people.

From Vietnam’s ‘rice bowl’ the Mekong Delta, to the majestic mountains in the far north of Vietnam, our tours bring visitors closer to the country’s breathtaking natural scenery and diverse communities of people each with their own culture. 

Whether you are hiking, kayaking or mountain biking deep into the countryside, staying with a local family in a small village away from the tourist hubs or taking a day trip to discover a little-visited village, we aim to give you an experience that is both active and unique.

Topas Travel in Vietnam is a part of Topas Explorer Group