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New Boarding House Built By Topas

At Topas we are continuing our school renovation and building projects with a boarding house for pupils of Nam Sai Primary school, near Topas Riverside Lodge in Sapa 

Nam Sai Primary School stands in the district of Sapa, close to Topas Riverside Lodge and 17km away from Topas Ecolodge which can be seen in the distance.

The school has 196 pupils aged from 6-10 years old. It is the main school for the area, with children coming from miles around to learn. 75 pupils come from distant villages and stay during the week at the school’s boarding house. 

When Topas came to inspect the need for work here, these 75 pupils shared one small boarding house with four rooms. Up to 20 pupils were sharing small rooms and also sharing beds, sleeping top to toe.


The current boarding house for 78 pupils


A room where up to 20 pupils sleep

We saw the need to upgrade these facilities and so we began the project in March 2022.

As always Kien, Topas Project Manager, is in charge of this project. Kien worked with the school to determine what was needed. As a result a new boarding house, plus a teacher room and showers were planned.

Everything is now almost complete, with a few small details to finish. The beds and furniture will then be added. Once everything is complete, we will report back with more news of the work and the handover ceremony.