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Do you have a running group that you train with in your city? Or maybe you have run VMM before and can’t wait to show the beauty of the trail to your friends and family? Either way, you can grab some real life trail running experience by joining one of our newly launched run retreat programs, practicing trail running in higher altitudes, adjusting to the mountain climates, working on your pacing as you go up and down the hills, and strengthening your balance as you jump over narrow paddy fields.

Additionally, this is a wonderful way to travel to some of Sapa region’s most stunning hidden gems, places you would never get to visit on a regular Sapa tour or just booking a bed and breakfast rate at other city hotels. 

Keep reading to learn more about what to expect when joining a Topas Run Retreat!

Where are the run retreats held, and are they difficult?

Sapa run retreats are hosted at either our location at Topas Riverside Lodge or at our sister  lodge, Topas Ecolodge. Depending on your budget and running level, each retreat offers different trails to explore with an experienced running guide who can tailor the trail running time to your needs, a flexible meal plan, and plenty of snacks and water while you’re on route. 


Topas Riverside Run Retreat

Perfect for beginners and those on a budget, our private Topas Riverside Run Retreat can be booked on any date and whether you’re a solo traveller or want to come along with a group of friends or your family. 

This retreat has a suggested two routes of 13km and 9 km, respectively, of which the shorter one can be reached by non-running party participants in your group by a 1-hour easy walk. As well, there is a complimentary 30′ traditional Red Dzao herbal bath to soak your muscles in after the longer 13km run. If these distances seem too long for your first time, don’t worry! Our guides will make sure to create an itinerary you feel comfortable with while trying this new way of travel for the first time. 

Transportation from Hanoi and all meals are included as well in this amazing package which shows guests a side of Sapa rarely seen by tourists, starting from 6.850.000 VND/person. 

Run 2

Topas Ecolodge Run Retreat

Prefer more space and don’t mind spending a little bit more? Then we suggest checking out our private Topas Ecolodge Run Retreat. Instead of staying in the cozy Riverside Lodge rooms, you’ll have a large and spacious mountain bungalow to chill out in after exploring the wild trails surrounding the property. 

Great for beginners or those who just love to run and want to spend a weekend hitting the trails, this program includes two suggested routes of 12km and 7km on days 2 and 3. Those who prefer a challenge can increase the 7km run on day 3 to 11km by starting the run at Thanh Phu Village instead of Nam Nhiu Village. 

Similar to the Topas Riverside Run, this Sapa running tour includes round-trip transportation from Hanoi, guided runs, and all meals, water, and snacks, for a base price of 9.200.000 VND/person. 

Two Lodges Run Retreat

Want the best of both worlds? Our Two Lodges Run Retreat is suitable for experienced runners due to its longer route distances of 17km and 9km over a weekend duration. 

This retreat also is one of our best-selling running packages as guests get to experience both the magnificent views of Topas Ecolodge as well as the vibrant cultural surroundings of Topas Riverside Lodge. 

Typically, this retreat is held as an all-inclusive join-in program (6 – 10 participants maximum) so you can meet other like-minded individuals while training for your next marathon or simply enjoying the sport. If you would like to join the program and travel with a non-runner, there is a non-runner supplement fee so you can enjoy the trails and your partner can rest and relax. Join-in retreat programs start from as low as 7.550.000 VND/person but still offer the same high-quality products that everyone loves about Topas. 


Why choose a Topas Run Retreat?

You can always trust Topas to organize the most unique events in Sapa as we have been based in this region since the early 1990s! Furthermore, from the same Vietnam Trail Series team who brought you Vietnam Mountain Marathon (VMM) in 2013, followed by Vietnam Jungle Marathon (VJM) in 2017, Vietnam Trail Marathon (VTM) in 2019, and finally, VMM Nam Cang Edition in 2020, you can be sure all routes are tried and tested to be the very best and most beautiful in all of Vietnam. 

Take it from Mr. David Lloyd, Director of Sport at Topas Travel Vietnam and founder of the Vietnam Trail Series, “Sapa is the spiritual home of trail running in Vietnam, with the first ever mountain marathon held here in 2013. Running among the highest mountains in the nation through remote ethnic minorities on trails with incredible flow and variety is incredible. Capping each day off at one of our mountain retreats with a swim in an infinity pool or a natural rock pool, is hard to beat.” 


We couldn't agree more! Get in touch today if you would like to experience the beauty of trail-running yourself!

Upcoming Retreat Schedule

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Upcoming Retreat Schedule

Our monthly retreats specialize in providing opportunities for wellness and fitness through yoga practice or trail running, all while exploring nature and immersing into local culture.