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Topas Riverside Lodge is part of Topas Explorer Group, known for its expertise in adventure travel and offering a wide range of services and experiences in various unique destinations. Here you can read more about our sister companies from across the globe:


Topas Travel: Topas Travel, a part of Topas Explorer Group, specializes in adventure travel, curating unforgettable journeys to remote and exotic destinations worldwide since 1973.

Greenland by Topas (EN) / (DK): Greenland by Topas arranges individual travel packages to Greenland, tailored to match your dream experiences in this Arctic wonderland.

Vietnam by Topas (EN) / (DK): Vietnam by Topas, a branch of Topas Travel, customizes holiday experiences in Vietnam with offices in Hanoi and Sapa, offering travelers a rich and immersive journey.


Disko Line: Disko Line is a passenger shipping company based in Ilulissat, Greenland, providing ferry services along the country’s west coast and Diskobay.

Disko Line Explorer: Disko Line Explorer offers boat excursions in Disko Bay, departing from Ilulissat, for travelers seeking to explore the stunning Arctic landscapes.

Blue Ice Explorer: Blue Ice Explorer offers customized trips and standard packages to South Greenland from Narsarsuaq, providing comprehensive travel services, including tours, transport, and accommodations.

Hotel Icefiord: Situated along the Disko Bay, Hotel Icefiord offers a unique and modern stay with spectacular views of the ice fjord, known for its exceptional service and personal engagement.

Hotel Diskobay: Hotel Diskobay, in partnership with Disko Line A/S, offers hotel services and adventure activities in Qasiqiannquit, emphasizing trekking and adventure experiences.

Hotel Disko Island: Located in Qeqertarsuaq, Hotel Disko Island offers a picturesque stay along Disko Bay, with basalt mountains as a backdrop and cascading waterfalls.

Nuuk Water Taxi: Nuuk Water Taxi, located in Greenland’s capital, Nuuk, offers boat tours and charter services with its distinctive yellow boats, providing unique transportation options.


Topas Travel Vietnam: Topas Travel Vietnam, a joint venture with the Huong family, offers individual and group tours throughout Vietnam and Southeast Asia, providing travelers with authentic experiences.

Vietnam Trail Series: Vietnam Trail Series organizes trail races in Vietnam, including the Vietnam Mountain Marathon, one of Asia’s largest trail races, combining a passion for running with the beauty of Vietnam.

Topas Ecolodge: Topas Ecolodge, located in Northern Vietnam, features luxury bungalows and focuses on sustainability and adventure activities such as hiking and biking.

Topas Riverside Lodge: Nam Cang Riverside Lodge, established in 2013, offers a remote homestay experience with private rooms and family rooms in the Sapa Valley, immersing guests in a traditional minority village.

Topas Mountain Express: Topas Mountain Express offers top-quality bus services between Hanoi and Sapa, ensuring a comfortable and convenient journey to Topas Ecolodge and Sapa town.