Sapa wellness retreats

In today’s fast-paced world filled with social media buzz and a dependence on technology, it’s becoming more apparent then ever the importance nature and face-to-face connection have on our emotional and spiritual well-being. At Topas, we believe taking time out of your usual routine to truly unplug – leaving the job, commitments, and phone behind – is one of the most crucial gifts you can ever give yourself.

Specializing in monthly wellness retreats centering around exploring nature and learning about ancient Red Dzao history and traditions, Topas Riverside Lodge is the premiere place in all of Vietnam to visit when you want to rejuvenate after a hectic week in the city.

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February 12th - 15th, 2021!

The location

An oasis of calm in the lush jungles, rushing rivers, and blanketed bamboo forests of northern Vietnam

Connected to the outside world by a wooden suspension bridge across a bustling river to Nam Cang Village, Topas Riverside Lodge is an oasis of peace and fresh air, 36 km south of Sapa. 

Cozy rooms with plush beds and chic bathrooms look out on to gorgeous river views or the lush green canopies of the jungle. Here, nature is truly at your doorstep and accessible at any moment.

Come and discover a different side of Vietnam well beyond the well-traveled tourist paths of Sapa and witness the friendliness, community support, and warm hospitality of the Red Dzao people. 

What to expect

Start your healing journey and disconnect from the busy external world,
retreating into introspection and relaxation through our main wellness practices.

Hatha Yoga – the most widespread type of yoga in the world and coincidentally, the foundation of all other yoga styles. Ideal for beginners or students who prefer a more relaxed style of practice due to the gentle pace and attention given to each position. 

Yin Yoga –  a slow-paced style in which poses are held for a longer period, usually between 3 – 5 minutes per pose depending on the teacher. The purpose is to apply moderate pressure to the connective tissue while increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.

Ashtanga Yoga – a system of yoga comprised of six series, each with their own set sequence of asanas, always performed in the same order. Classes are typically fast-paced, vigorous and more physically challenging than the other two styles. 

Meditation –  the practice of training one’s awareness and gaining a different perspective through learning how to observe thoughts and feelings without judgement in order to understand them better. 

Mindful eating

Understand the local inspiration behind chef Christian's signature wellness dishes

We are known for our locally-inspired cuisine rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs grown in our organic garden or fetched from the local market. Each dish is seasoned with a fascinating array of spices of which the region is famous for.

Each retreat’s specialized menu has been created with balance in mind, so you’ll be sure to find 80% of every dish at the table made from plant-based ingredients, with the remaining 20% coming from local meat products such as rainbow trout, black pig, and mountain chicken. 

Additionally, 100% of meals can be entirely vegetarian and/or vegan friendly depending on the group. 

If you’re participating in a yoga retreat at Topas Riverside Lodge there will be plenty of super foods available throughout the day, whenever you’re mixing your own juice with a touch of fresh turmeric root, enjoying an iced Oolong Tea, or sharing a hot pot with freshly picked mushrooms. 

Sit around our large round tables, interacting with your new friends while sharing platters prepared with Nordic techniques and most importantly, authentic northern Vietnamese flavors. 

Mind, body, spirit

A holistic approach to wellness includes activities for the mind as well as the body

Cultural encounters – learn about the Red Dzao community, famous for their exquisite embroidery, silversmithing, and botanical knowledge. 

Nature hikes – Hike through lush green foliage framing picturesque views of rice paddies and mountains in the distance in both wild jungles and cultivated farms. 

Herbal gathering and traditional treatments – forage for medicinal herbs,  followed by a traditional herbal bath at the on-site bathhouse.

Show-stopping views – Bask in the incredible views from the top of Topas Ecolodge’s renowned infinity pools on a day-pass to the luxurious estate 


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Topas Wellness Retreat:
February 12th - 15th, 2021


Get back to basics and immerse yourself in the enchanting culture of northern Vietnam on this 4-day wellness retreat filled with yoga, communal vibes, cultural encounters, lush nature, and an organic, plant-based menu at Topas Riverside Lodge and Topas Ecolodge. 

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